Demoflow is the sales power tool for your Zoom Apps needs

Zoom Apps + Demoflow

In the new sales world, how do you make sure your team stands out?
By having the perfect conversation.

With the Demoflow Zoom app, you can launch your sales presentations, collaboratively sell, take detailed meeting notes, create tasks and next steps, and update your CRM all from the side panel inside your Zoom call.

Go Beyond The Status Quo

Give live technical demos every time

Pull in any of your marketing assets on the fly deliver an “in the moment” experience. Demoflow allows your team to share dynamic content such as integrating URLs as a slide within your presentation.

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Consider The Buyer

Make it their best buying experience yet

Create stronger relationships with your customers using the first buyer enablement platform to leverage real-time collaboration in Zoom. We help you remove obstacles in the buying process so everyone can focus on the aligned goal: earning a new customer.

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Get Your Salesforce Time Back

Update Salesforce directly in Zoom

Demoflow is the only platform that lets sales teams update their notes in Salesforce directly from their Zoom meetings. All of your notes are directly at your fingertips, and any updates are pushed out instantly.

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Demoflow Captivate your Audience Illustration
"At ABBYY we go the extra mile for our customers, and that starts from the very first demo. Now with the help of Demoflow we’re not only able to disrupt and innovate through our products, but also through the next level of customer experience we can offer by using Demoflow."

Maxime Vermier, Director of Customer Innovation at ABBYY

Demoflow is how sales teams go beyond the status quo

The best next step is action, so set up a time or try out the integration and see how Demoflow and Zoom Apps can keep your sales team at the cutting edge.